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Storm VR/VRC600


Gypsy Selection Tool

Storm VR/VRC 600 provides the strength of conventional vertical windlasses but with advanced and innovative concepts. Recognized for their sleek curved lines, Storms are available in low profile (VR) or capstan (VRC) configurations. This provides the highest level of security and safety, whilst enhancing the foredeck of the most luxurious vessel.

• Polished stainless steel components
• High tensile stainless steel shaft
• Heavy duty, marine grade, dual-direction motor
• Superior, heavy-duty Italian drive train
• Rope Chain Management System (RCMS) fitted
• Integrated quick release with chain pipe cover
• Quick fit adaptor for easy install
• Self-lubricating bush
• Capstan models feature a knurled grip
• Independent gypsy and capstan operation
• Extra deck clearance kit for decks up to 150mm/6”
• Full range of accessories including chain, rope,
chain stoppers, snubber kits and devil claws
• Electrical operating options and accessories
• Auto anchor – chain counter
VESSEL LENGTH 5–9m (16–29ft)
MOTOR (Watts) 600
MAX LOAD 300kg (660lb)
WORK LOAD 100kg (220lb)
MAX LINE SPEED 25m/min (80ft/min)
CHAIN SIZE 6 mm S/L (1/4”)
ROPE SIZE 12mm (1/2”)
NET WEIGHT DC VR 12kg (DC VR 26lb)

Manual Operation

The Storm series offers two manual operation alternatives. The Manual Override System (MORS) is a premium option on most other models, and provides manual retrieval of the rope and chain or chain only rode by simply applying a standard sheet winch handle to the top of the windlass. The Manual Operating System (MOS) features a gypsy attachment that fits into the top of the gypsy once the capstan or clutch top has been removed. MOS is standard on most Storm models.

Fast Retrieval

Using the latest in efficient windlass drives, the Storm series provides effective and rapid anchor retrieval with high speeds of up to 25 metres per minute on some models, whilst also allowing smooth deployment of the anchor rode and chain.

Reduced Installation Time

Storm windlass bases accommodate a quick fit adaptor that reduces installation time allowing the gearbox and motor to be installed directly onto the shaft in any radial position and alleviating distortion between the deck plate and gearbox flange. A sealed shaft protects the transmission below deck.

Rope-Chain Combination

The Rope Chain Management System (RCMS) on Storm windlasses consists of a spring loaded finger & 180 degree stripper arrangement that provides smooth transition for rope-chain combination.

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