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DFF 08


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Designed to suit vessels 5-8m (13-23ft) the Muir range of drum winches provides reliable and heavy-duty operation.

Free-Fall Operation

The free fall function for drum windlasses is a feature that allows the anchor to drop quickly and smoothly to the seabed without using any power. It is useful for anchoring in deep water or in situations where you need to anchor fast. The free fall function can be adjusted or disabled depending on the preference of the user.

Some of the advantages of the free fall function are:

– It saves time and battery power by dropping the anchor faster and more efficiently.
– It reduces the stress and wear on the windlass motor and gearbox by avoiding constant power usage.
– It allows the anchor to set better by hitting the seabed with more force and penetrating deeper.

Some of the disadvantages of the free fall function are:

– It can be dangerous if not used properly or if the anchor rode is not secured or monitored. The anchor can fall too fast or too far and cause damage to the boat, the windlass, or the seabed.
– It can be noisy and create a splash when the anchor hits the water.
– It can be difficult to control the speed or stop the descent of the anchor if the free fall mechanism is not well-designed or maintained.
– It can be incompatible with some types of anchors, chains, or ropes that may not work well with the free fall system.

Power Up / Power Down Operation

If necessary the Freefall Drum Winch can be powered down without free-fall. This can be done by loosening the Declutcher with the Clutch Handle and allowing the Declutcher to drop to the bottom of the slot.


• Designed and made in Australia.

• Drum-316 Stainless Steel.

• Inc. Reversing Solenoid, circuit breaker and Up / Down Rocker switch.

• “Tangle-free” rope and chain operation.

• Compact Anchoring system to suit boats with little or no anchor rode storage.

• Simple installation.

• Fitting Instructions Included with full electrical wiring diagram.

• 3 year limited warranty

Model DFF 08
Vessel Length 5-8m (16-26ft)
Power Supply (DC) 12V
Motor (Watts) 600
Max Load 180kg (400lb) at 7m/min
Work Load 55kg (121lb) at 33m/min
Amps Work Load 80
Max Line Speed 33m/min
Chain Size 6mm (1/4″), 8mm (5/16″)
Rope Size 8mm (5/16″)
Net Weight 15/16kg
Capacity (Drum) 6m of 6mm chain, 80m of 6mm line, 80m of 8mm line

Drum Windlass Range

Muir’s drum winches are the ideal anchoring solution for boats from 4 to 14 metres (13–47ft). They offer Power Up & Power Down functions, making anchoring easy and reliable. They have a larger drum capacity than any other drum winches on the market, and they fit in the same space as a standard drum winch.

Muir’s drum winches are designed and made in Australia with high quality materials and components, such as 316 Stainless Steel drums, serviceable bearing centres, and marine coated alloy housings. They also come with all the necessary accessories, such as circuit breakers, solenoids, switches, and panels, as well as simple tools and hardware for easy installation. They include fitting instructions and wiring diagrams, and they offer “tangle free” rope and chain operation.

With Muir’s drum winches, you can enjoy the convenience and safety of a compact and versatile anchoring system that does not require any electronics on the drum or in the chain locker. They are backed by a 3 year limited warranty and Muir’s reputation for excellence in the marine industry.






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Customer Reviews

"I bought the Muir drum winch for my 12m boat and I’m very happy with it. It’s easy to install, operate, and adjust. It has a large drum capacity and a smooth free fall function. It’s also very durable and reliable. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality anchoring system."
Jack Wilson
"I’m very impressed with the Muir horizontal windlass. It’s a great product for my 10m cruiser. It’s very sturdy and well-made. It has a fast and smooth power up and down function. It also comes with everything you need for installation and operation, such as solenoids, switches, and panels. It’s a very user-friendly product and I’m very satisfied with it"
"Muir products are excellent. I have the Muir compact horizontal stainless winch on my 6m runabout and it’s a wonderful product. It’s very sleek and stylish. It has a powerful and reliable power up and down function. It also comes with a circuit breaker, a reversing solenoid, and an up/down rocker switch. It’s a very simple and elegant product and I’m very happy with it."